To Yourself Be Kind, Seed the Mind.

Never has there been discovered more fertile ground than the infinite acres that lies between our own ears. There is simply nothing like it. It’s completely ready for the seeds of tremendous ideas, previously unheard-of skills, and new understandings. All we must do is seek and consume new data and information and almost instantly, and still somewhat mysteriously, seeds are planted. And like the sunlight and rain, another piece of data or information connects with a previous seed of data and there is a cosmic clash producing an idea, new thought, or solution. It could be an idea that eliminates waste, heals the sick, improves education, elevates art and music, brings people together, abolishes hunger, or in any way benefits others. But nothing happens without the seeds.

So, where are these seeds? You can find them at your local public or university library. Or, to get a bit more current, these seeds are as close as your fingertips and keyboard. There is almost no data or information of which you can’t at least discover its where-a-bouts. And virtually every book or published paper can be found, purchased, and consumed anytime, anywhere. Now, living in an age of an arguable renaissance, how many acres are you seeding? How much quality screen time do you log each week? Of course, games, shows, sports and, heaven forbid, pornography are not seeds of nutritious grain, rather the weeds that choke out the good seed. Please note, that it’s not just that they fall harmlessly on the ground, it’s that they are insidious destroyers of what could be.

The best advice or suggestion I have ever heard was from motivational speaker and guru of self- improvement Tony Robbins. He taught me that if I would read one book once a month (easily done no matter how busy you’ve decided to be) on the same topic (awesome particularly if it supports your gifting) for five years (step by step) you would be an expert on that topic. Who else or how many people in your field or in your market would have read sixty books on that same topic? If not zero, probably darn close. Why? Not because it’s a secret, it’s in Tony’s best-selling book, The Giant Within. The answer is the lack of vision and absence of discipline – more on that in our final section “Deed the Deal.”

Meanwhile, know that time is your most precious gift, and like compounded interests it produces riches above and beyond for those who read and thus seed their cerebrum soil.

Throughout the weeks to come, in sort of a side bar I’ll offer ideas, resources and methodologies on each of the five steps, ensuring you have all the tools to accomplish the necessary ground work. And speaking of tilling up some new ground, it’s time to do something that may seem too much like back breaking, mind-numbing and even inconvenient work; but it’s not.

We just need to pull a few weeds out of what will become your “calorically balanced, nutritionally dense meal and snack plan” – NO diets here! Now, for that chore. Consider taking about 15 to 20 minutes each of the next three days to complete my Food Diary for each of those days (I have included it below, Merry Christmas). So, whether you start today (Dec. 28, 2017) or tomorrow, you have time to complete it, and therein space to scatter some new seed on January 1, 2018. And not to worry, The Life-Legacy Sherpa will post a special nutritionally rich blog filled with key-facts, ideas and encouragement as the ball drops. But the real party begins as New Year’s Day dawns, and your new friend (me, thank you) awaits to train, coach and/or guide you to choose happiness every day as you seek to discover true joy – a way to live fully, give freely and leave a lasting legacy.

*See RESOURCES at – “Calorically Balanced, Nutritionally Dense Meal and Snack Plan,” and the Human Measuring Cup Guide 


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